Easy to Use CRM for small business

Sell more and spend less time managing your customers

Everything organized

Get complete view of all your customers and interactions with each of them. Easily access full communication history, assigned tasks, contact details, or sent files. Set reminders to not forget and lose your customers.

Share customer data with co-workers

No more duplication or asking colleagues what was that last call about. And when one sales person adds new customer information, the whole team can see those changes immediately.

Instant Search

With real time, instant search you can find customer in seconds. Quickly open customer record and check latest information while on the phone.

Get targeted lists using Filters

Easily sort out clients who need your attention now and postpone those who can wait longer.
Sales managers need to know who is working with whom at any given time. With a few clicks get a list of all customers, assigned to a particular sales person.
Last Activity
Are there any customers who haven't been touched for a long time? Are you sure you remember all of them? Use Activity filter to retrieve all forgotten customers, assign them to sales people and keep those conversations going again.

A software that's tailored to your company

If you need Features which are missing in our CRM, let us know and we will add them to your account. We'll make all the necessary changes and modifications so you have a software that does exactly what you need.

Anywhere, Anytime

Access your customer information from anywhere in the world. CustomerPage CRM is a cloud-based application, available 24/7. You only need internet connection and a browser to use it.

Data Export

You can easily export all your Customers, Notes or Contact Details to a .csv (spreadsheet) format whenever you want.